Ages: 4-6

Lesson duration: 45 minutes

Number of Lessons: 36


Welcome to AlgoBuddy, the exciting program that introduces children to the fascinating world of coding. Using our system for little coders, we inspire young minds to develop algorithmic thinking, programming languages and problem solving skills.

Children will practice programming by commanding the AlgoBuddy to perform various exciting tasks based on their daily lives through our uniquely designed tangible coding blocks or screen coding app of Algobrix.

Easy to Code,

Easy to Learn, Easy to Love!

Overview of AlgoBuddy Curriculum:

Coding literacy is one of the most important cognitive skills for the 21st century.
Young Engineers strives to provide a playful coding education starting from early childhood education and building children’s cognitive skills to meet complex challenges as they grow older. We have created qualitative coding frameworks that rely on children’s common knowledge, and encourages them to practice planning, decision-making, and practical compromises through playing with AlgoBuddy.

With the AlgoBuddy program, every kindergarten-aged child acts as a little coding engineer, controlling AlgoBuddy to move, light up, respond to the environment, and engage with varied and unique content, providing an exciting framework for AlgoBuddy to accomplish various tasks.

AlgoBuddy Program Objectives

  • Acquaint students with the world of coding.
  • Get familiar with coding terminology.
  • Introduction to algorithmic thinking.
  • Develop quantitative assessment skills.
  • Read graphic/numeric instructions.
  • Encourage problem-solving.
  • Encourage playing in teams.

Children Will Discover

  • Command Sequencing
  • Conditions and Sensors
  • Algorithms of everyday automated devices
  • Forever and Random operators
  • Loops
  • Multithreading